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Ending Racism is Everyone’s Business: Poem

Protestor holding Black Lives Matter sign

How do you feel when you say his name? Is he different to you, or simply the same? Say his name.

Are the severest of actions reflective of your own, say his name. Do we recognise our failings, do we accept some blame? Say his name.

Will the power of his name disappear like so many others?  How many more will suffer the same? Say his name.

The duty of those in power is to respond to this national shame. Not to create buzz lines that promote more pain. Say his name. So don’t declare that if there is looting, there will be shooting. Just say his name.

Each time you leave home and know you’ll return, say his name. For never in your name will your home town burn, say his name.

And may it be heard and understood, so it just stands for good say his name. Though his voice was not heard then, or will be again say his name.

Society must win and this should be no great surprise that a colour of a man’s skin should be as important as the colour of his eyes. Say his name.

With his home town in flames and another life destroyed, may the sound of your voices help fill this void. Say his name, never forget George Floyd, for others may suffer the same. Say his name.

– By Ant Oliver, Group Leader at Foundation Durham

For our statement on the Black Lives Matter movement and our commitment to ending racism, see here.