Parent organisation of Community Links, Foundation and Bridging the Gap

About Us

We are Inspire North, and we’re here to create a world where everyone matters.

We set out on this journey in 2018 when we brought together the work of Community Links and Foundation, two outstanding charities with decades of experience in mental health and housing. As a parent organisation we bring together this expertise and find innovative ways to provide the very best for the communities we serve. We provide award-winning services and accredited training in mental health, wellbeing, housing and domestic abuse. We work across the north of England, from Doncaster to Durham.

Our values are simple, yet drive and motivate us to excellence every day.

People- We will always treat you as an individual
People are the heart of everything we do at Inspire North, and we strive every day to build brighter futures for the people who use our services. We engage our colleagues and people who use our services to build a sense of community and shared success. We want everyone to play a part in creating our vision.

Integrity- We will always do the right thing even if it is hard.
Integrity is our cornerstone; we will always do the right thing. We work hard to make sure our services offer the highest quality and professional standards, and that people are treated fairly and honestly.

Passion- We will always go the extra mile.
Passion is what fuels us. There’s no better feeling in the world than making a positive difference, and that spurs us on to always go the extra mile – for the people who use our services, for each other, and for our vision of creating a world where everyone matters. We have the brightest and best innovative minds working every day to do more, and to do it better.

Collaboration- We will always achieve more together.
Collaboration is how we came to be Inspire North. We were born out of the idea that working together, we can achieve more. Across our services we work with many partners, bringing together our expertise to meet varied needs in exceptional ways.

Our family of organisations consists of Community Links, Foundation and their subsidiary Bridging the Gap. To find out more about each service, please use the links below.