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Inspire North the podcast

Our podcast is an opportunity for colleagues, clients, and volunteers to come together to talk about the things that matter to them. It is a chance to share ideas, offer different perspectives and celebrate all our achievements.

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In our first episode, we reflected with our black colleagues on why conversations about black history are crucial, not only in October but every day.

We discuss representation and advice for young black people in the workplace.

In this podcast episode we chat with, Cadia Douglas, Senior Complex Needs Support Worker at Changes, Di Davis, Support Worker at Our Way Leeds, Simon Powell, Head of IT and Performance at Central Services and Emily Brenson, previous EDI Co-Ordinator at Central Services.

In the episode, we discussed views on black history month, whether our views have changed over time and how black history is present every day.

As we have been thinking about the quote ‘If you can see it, you can be’, the group also discussed representation in the workplace and what that means.

The episode concludes with empowering and positive advice to young black people entering the workplace, encouraging them to “believe in themselves” and “know their worth”.

You can listen to Episode One on Spotify and Acast.

A subtitled version is also available on YouTube. 

During the FIFA World Cup 2022 our #NoExcuseForAbuse campaign primarily focused on speaking directly to perpetrators to prevent abuse.

However, we wanted to round off the campaign by speaking to clients who have lived experience of domestic abuse. We wanted to highlight that even though the World Cup has ended, for many people, domestic abuse remains a daily reality.

We visited one of our Foundation services to record a podcast episode and interviewed two former clients who are now volunteering as Community Champions and wanted to share their stories.

During the episode, the Champions explain what their role entails and how they are raising awareness in their local communities. They want to spread the word about the support services that are available to those experiencing domestic abuse and raise awareness around the different types of abuse in line with laws and legislations.

The Champions share some red flags to look out for if you are experiencing abuse. For example, look out for controlling behaviour, or if your partner starts to turn others against you and even small things, such as behaviour changes and short tempers.

*Some names have been changed within the episode for safeguarding purposes.*

You can listen to Episode Two on Spotify and Acast. 

A subtitled version is also available on YouTube.