Parent organisation of Community Links, Foundation and Bridging the Gap

Ending Racism is Everyone’s Business

As the weeks pass since the brutal and callous murder of George Floyd, we can see that this tragic event has sparked global positive action against systemic racism here in the UK.

Inspire North needs to be part of the solution, by recognising the corrosive impact racism has on lives and life chances of our Black and Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues, clients, tenants and residents.

As Chair and CEO, we pledge our commitment to being anti-racist, which means we will fight racism wherever we find it, including in ourselves to make changes, to doing better, to being better.

We will work together as a Board and senior leadership team to take on an honest challenge to examine where we are now and to ensure we make a measurable difference for our BAME colleagues and our communities. This will include increasing BAME representation at all levels in the organisation, building on the diversity and inclusion work that we have already done to ensure our workforce fully reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. We are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring our BAME colleagues feel safe at work and access all the opportunities we can offer to reach their potential.

We want to continue our dialogue, listening intently to our BAME network and the experience of our BAME colleagues, focusing on actions and holding each other to account for our progress right the way across the group.

For our BAME clients and tenants we will ensure we continue to improve access, experience, and outcomes with you. There is much work to be done; let us not expect our black colleagues, clients, and tenants to do this for us. We need to act as allies in supporting our BAME colleagues as they have been deeply affected by the murder of George Floyd.

We must be prepared for uncomfortable conversations, to be challenged, and to feel upset, this is the impact of racism and we must acknowledge that this is the experience of our BAME colleagues every time they encounter racism. We need your help. We all have a role to play and a responsibility to take positive action to end racism. At Inspire North we all have an incredible platform to create positive change. Collectively we have the power to truly make a difference.

Ruth and Claire