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#NoExcuseForAbuse World Cup Campaign Report

#NoExcuseForAbuse World Cup Campaign Report
November – December 2022

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022, we re-launched our #NoExcuseForAbuse campaign, as incidents of domestic abuse were expected to rise in line with the patterns of 2018’s tournament.

We wanted to frame the campaign around the fact that abuse will not stop unless perpetrators stop abusing. We decided to shine a spotlight on our +Choices service which offers a perpetrator programme and signpost to national charity, Respect. .

The campaign was launched with the aim of preventing domestic abuse by raising awareness of the support available for perpetrators to change their behaviour, alongside signposting to helplines for both perpetrators and victims. We also wanted to boost brand awareness for Inspire North and the +Choices programme.

For a full breakdown of the campaign including our reach and impact, you can download the Campaign Report here.