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Inspire North Launches ‘Safe from Abuse’ Appeal

Today we are launching our #SafeFromAbuse appeal. Over the last few months we have been clear that there is no excuse for abuse. Now, we need your support to help survivors put their lives back together.

We work with people in the North of England to prevent and stop domestic abuse, and to keep survivors and their families safe and well. Our #NoExcuseForAbuse campaign, launched in April, has been hugely successful at raising awareness around the devastating impact of abuse. However, to continue our work, we need to raise vital funds. We are therefore launching our first digital fundraising appeal, with donations used to help keep people SAFE FROM ABUSE. Over the next month, we will be sharing stories from the people we work with through our social media platforms, to raise awareness and encourage people to give.

If you saw us on Channel 4 News on October 6th, you’ll have seen the severe impact domestic abuse can have on young lives. A small donation can make all the difference.

Help Us Keep More People SAFE FROM ABUSE

Not every home is a safe one. This year, domestic homicides have increased and thousands more people are calling domestic abuse helplines for advice and support. As people are told to stay home, now more than ever, those living in fear in their own home need your help. Join us and keep more people SAFE FROM ABUSE. Your donation can support us to protect families and give people experiencing abuse the chance to re-build their lives.

Donate today and you can:

– Give a child their childhood back: Just £5 could buy a bedtime story book for a child who had to leave everything behind.

– Help to re-build a home: Just £20 could buy warm bedding to help a survivor to feel safe in their new home.

– Show them that you care: Just £50 could pay for a counselling session to help a survivor to recover from their trauma.

There is #NoExcuseForAbuse

Tell them #YouAreNotAlone.