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#NoExcuseForAbuse on LBC

A client from Foundation’s domestic abuse perpetrator service +Choices appeared on LBC News last week to talk about the benefits the programme has had for him and his family.

“Something stupid would have happened. Whether it was alcohol related or if I’d have ended up in prison I don’t know but it definitely would have been negative without this course,” the client told LBC.

“The dad before, the dad I was being, wasn’t a father, and didn’t deserve to be a father or a husband. Maybe he deserved to be in prison.”

Throughout the lockdowns this year there has been a significant rise in calls for help to domestic abuse charities. Working with perpetrators for them to recognise and change abusive behaviours is seen as a vital strand of tackling domestic abuse. £7.17m has been awarded to Police and Crime Commissioners across the country for perpetrator programmes.

Service Project Manager Tammy Bolton said: “One of the criteria for perpetrators working with us on the programme is that they do recognise their behaviour is abusive,”

“It can be really difficult and the level of recognition changes throughout the duration of the programme.

“It’s very emotional for them, particularly when we discuss their roles of being a father and the impact it has on children”.

Listen to an excerpt from the interview here.

Inspire North’s No Excuse for Abuse campaign has been running throughout the pandemic to raise awareness of increased domestic abuse and the urgent help needed by people living under lockdown with their abusers. Click here to see more coverage of No Excuse from Abuse.